21.10.2020Dani4:32 MinutenFetish, Glovefetish
Dani 1
Dani 2

Dani is well and truly leather clad and she loves the feel of the toy gun while wearing her leather gloves.


04.09.2020Leigh6:18 MinutenBlonde, Glovefetish, Milf
Leigh 0
Leigh 1
Leigh 2

Leigh is looking sexy in her leather corset and boots but she decides thats not enough so she puts on her leather jacket and gloves.


19.08.2020Sabrina5:10 MinutenFetish, Glovefetish
Sabrina 0
Sabrina 1
Sabrina 2

Sabrina looks a very sexy biker girl and she likes the feel and colour of the soft red satin gloves and decides to put them on.

Stacey Von

07.08.2020Stacey Von5:14 MinutenFetish, Glovefetish
Stacey Von 0
Stacey Von 1
Stacey Von 2

Stacey Von looks sexy in the leather outfit and she tells you how much she loves the leather as she puts on the leather jacket and leather gloves.


02.08.2020Emily7:13 MinutenGlovefetish, Smoking
Emily 0
Emily 1
Emily 2

Emily is dressed up in a tight red leather jacket, leather boots. black pvc skirt and boots, she then sits down and relaxes with a cigarette.


14.07.2020Leigh5:10 MinutenGlovefetish, Milf
Leigh 0
Leigh 1
Leigh 2

Leigh is a beautiful MILF who really gets turned on when she is wearing leather and today is no exception as she lays on the sofa and gets excited over her leather outfit.

Miss Dawn

01.07.2020Dawn5:21 MinutenFetish, Glovefetish
Miss Dawn 0
Miss Dawn 1
Miss Dawn 2

Leather clad hit woman Dawn walks up the stairs into the home of her intended victim, no one is there so she calmly sits and waits.

Olga Cabaeva

05.05.2020Olga Cabaeva4:26 MinutenBlonde, Glovefetish
Olga Cabaeva 0
Olga Cabaeva 1
Olga Cabaeva 2

Blond beauty Olga Cabaeva stokes the soft leather jacket before putting it on and zipping it up, she clearly loves the feel of this leather jacket. Then she picks up the black leather gloves and puts them on, this outfit makes her look and feel sexy.

Olga Cabaeva

10.04.2020Olga Cabaeva4:29 MinutenBlonde, Glovefetish
Olga Cabaeva 0
Olga Cabaeva 1
Olga Cabaeva 2

Lovely Olga Cabaeva picks up the red leather jacket which she puts on and zips up nice and tight, this beauty then puts on the leather gloves and she loves the feel of wearing leather.

Jen Bailey

05.04.2020Jen Bailey4:01 MinutenFetish, Glovefetish
Jen Bailey 0
Jen Bailey 1
Jen Bailey 2
Jen Bailey 3
Jen Bailey 4

Gorgeous Jen Bailey is wearing a nice sexy red leather biker jacket, leather shorts and fishnet tights, she puts on the ankle boots followed by a pair of black leather gloves.